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HINTS and Tips to Finding the Right Therapist for You

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When I started in practice in 1993 therapists were few and far between. Now it seems, every town has hundreds of therapists/practitioners who offer increasingly different and sometimes strange or new therapies. Although this may be good and it allows you to have a choice, do you have enough understanding of the benefits or how the complementary therapies work, to be able to choose the appropriate one for your “condition”?

More alarmingly training schools have appeared offering qualifications for therapies after only a one day course or solely by correspondence. Some without a candidate ever seeing a teacher or having supervision, and many without any anatomy or physiology knowledge.

Although these may be good additional avenues for therapists looking to continue their education, I have my doubts about their ability to give lay people the skills to set up in practice and offer in depth ‘treatments', as opposed to offering an opportunity to just lie down and relax. Albeit very important, you may get just as much benefit from a visit to a friend with a listening ear.

When you choose to see a therapist, you are putting your health and well-being in their hands.

I believe therapists are often trusted implicitly I think for two reasons.

  1. Firstly because there is an underlying feeling, that even though they may not do any good, they will do no harm.
  2. Secondly, because most people in the UK have not developed the ability to choose and be critical of the service they get when it comes to health. Is this because the service is seen as free and we just accept what the doctor tells us in fear of being struck off? This makes the UK population a lot more trusting. I am sure you will agree that just because someone learns to give injections they are not qualified as a nurse, yet being able to do a particular technique in the Complementary field, seems in most cases to qualify one as a therapist?

These days most therapists and therapise claim to be ‘holistic', meaning to treat the body as well as the mind. While this may be true, the way in which this is achieved can be very different.

For example; I have received calls asking about Reiki for Multiple Sclerosis sufferers. Although it may help them relax, something like remedial massage can offer the same feeling, whilst also improving their circulation, muscle tone and possibly some guidance on stretching to maintain maximum mobility.

So if you are new to this or have doubts about right the type of treatment for your condition, here are some tips, questions and information to help you make the right choice.

Because a practitioner or therapist has helped you with one condition or because they helped your friend who had a similar condition to you, this does not necessarily mean that they are the right therapist for you this time.

If you are already seeing a therapist, you are most likely to experience a sense of well-being after a treatment as you are pleased with the outcome. If not, then I would suggest you seriously consider reading the following and judge for yourself whether it is the right therapy or therapist for you.

1) The Practitioner

2) The Session.



3) The Venue

Remember this is your time and money you are spending on yourself. It is important that you feel completely comfortable with the therapist as well as the type of treatment you are receiving. If you are not able to discuss any concerns you have or share what you feel then you may want to consider looking for someone else.

Wishing you health and happiness, naturally!

Article by:- Julie Nicholls Telephone :- 01793 495551


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