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My Gulf war poem Poem for SMUGS.org.uk

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"My War" poem by andrew hack

A service poem to honour members of the armed services who serve our country.

"My war"

Here i stand on this freezing dawn,
Looking across my darken lawn,
Wondering about my future now,
Surrounded by a polictical row,

Sent off to fight a foreign war,
To uphold the UN law,
Soldiers, sailors & airman born,
Ripped apart and left all torn,

Big and bold and brave we where,
Living life without a care,
Signing secrets to withhold,
Facing prison you were told,

Now as the years pass and fade,
The complaints stream in cascade,
We were told dont scream or shout,
But were poisoned inside out,

Withdraw from life we did do,
Living life around the loo,
Feeling that no one cares,
We became just sleeping bears,

Then One day we came awake,
And this fight we will make,
The gulf war was a mess,
Life means more we do confess,

Through the hurt and the pain,
Hearing our voices is to gain,
The money offered is not our goal,
We all want to work and toll,

The powers that are to be,
Come to us on bended knee,
You shall ask us of our needs,
And to hear our crying please,

Then the hurt you will mend,
To the wounded you will tend,
Then we lay this all to rest,
For our country it is best.