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Insomnia causes & reasons why you could be suffering from insomnia and a natural cure.

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The Lifestyle Causes of Insomnia.

It is becoming more apparent that we are living in a climate that we find necessary to be awake for as much hours as possible, most of us are trying to get the maximum from both work and home life which deems us to cut into our sleep patterns and ignoring the actual functions of sleep.

The two hormones that are responsible for regulating our sleep are cortisol and adrenaline; these are also the primary hormones that regulate stress levels. When you are suffering from stress these particular hormones are constantly being produced which in effect exhausts the normal output and therefore losing the ability to regulate sleep patterns.

If you are suffering from insomnia look through the following question's to see which one is most applicable to you, you then may be able to gauge your own sleep efficiency.

List of three reasons for Insomnia

1) Emotional Factors

Our emotional state has a direct bearing on the quality of our sleep as we quite often take our problems with us to bed instead of trying to relax and unwind. This has the adverse effect of what we want as being tired brings on the increased feelings of depression which could be linked to low levels of serotonin which is both the cause and effect of insomnia.

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2) Hormone disruption



Hormones are the chemical messengers that control our body functions and also regulate our body clock as well as our stress levels and moods so hormonal imbalances can have a dire effect on our sleep patterns.

3) Toxins

Once they have entered our body system toxins affect the balance of neurotransmitters that tells our body when to sleep and when to wake. A certain amount of environmental toxins are unavoidable but others such as alcohol, caffeine , cigarettes, drugs and such like are controlled by us should be taken moderately if taken at all.

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