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This website is dedicated to improving mental health for all, be it stress, anxiety, depression, panic or insomnia.

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This website was set up to assist people that had suffered from stress like myself. The main aim of the site is to research and share information about stress, anxiety, depression and panic, and to learn about other stress relief products and help other members and friends of this website. This information is slow trickling in from all sources, this website will be a big help in the collation of that information.


21 Years old

KKMC, Saudi Arabia

43 Years old

Bathgate, UK

Andrew John Hack Age 43

I had a happy childhood, growing up as a soldiers son, i travel to many oversea army bases by the time i turned 13, (in the picture i have an 7.62mm SLR)

I now have a partner and four wonderful children who live with me, in a town in Scotland.

Being a Ex - Gulf war veteran (of 1991), who served on a front line helicopter sqn as a ground defense gunner as my main war role, I carried out POW handling, nighttime ground defense operations, RAF officer escort, vehicle convoy escort, helicopter flying escort.

Whilst in the gulf I learnt battlefield first aid, grenades, mines, knife to knife combat and unarmed combat, and during my service career, i was engaged in Judo and target rifle shooting.

But now since returning from the Gulf i have and am suffering from PTSD, stress, anxiety, skin disorder, depression, panic attacks plus many other mulitple condition's some of which could be referred to as Gulf War Syndrome.

The first time it was diagnosed was in 1998 and I know what it is like to suffer these terrible mind problems, it is confusing and totally takes control on your life. Every day is a battle for me to live a normal life, i have been an alcoholic, i have been divorced it must of been a terrible ordeal for my wife to deal with, and I have suffered many family upsets including my mother dying and all of my grandparent dying (three just in one year).

I have had very little support for my family who have made their decision to turn their backs on me, for this i will never forgive them, i owe my life to my kids who have allowed me to enjoy my life, who love me for who i am, and they are my world, love to Lucy, Sophie, Erin, Aimee, Adam and Ben.

On my return from war, no-one offically offered me any help to come to terms with normal life, i had to re-mortgage my house to pay for my own treatment, i did not receive a post war debrief, no-one in government and the military wanted to listen to me, so i locked up, place a big barrier around me and pulled on a happy face, i failed to show any emotion, normal life did not have any of the excitement of war, nor the horrors.

My childhood ambition was to serve my country, put my life on the line so that other may be free to live a life of freedom of speech and freedom of movement.

I did not expect to be exposed to toxic chemicals, biological weapons, burning oil wells, numerous untested injections, DU ammunition dust, desert infections and POW's who were suffering from malnutrition and illnesses or did i expect to be a guniea pig in a field test that no one know about.

The government failed to take care of my welfare and provide me with a safe environment to work and fight, even though war is a dangerous place, the MOD have now apologized for the lack of respect, understanding and lack of recognition of the gulf war veterans conditions, but slowly the tide is turning and help is only just now filtering through, the NHS and the MOD now except that each other have been referring the problem to each other and avoiding the issue, thus creating a void for no treatment or help to be given to other veterans, this is now changing for the better.

Instead the MOD and NHS bungling added to the problems of the 1991 gulf war veterans. Now i must now continue my own battle until my death, and win my own war against a government and NHS insitution who fails to recognize the problems that were suffered by the veterans, totally ignoring the government convent, so for the sake of future generation who will follow in my footsteps. I must win this fight and protect the lives of the innocent soldier, sailor and airman, who serve our country night and day in the name of peace.

This website is my mission to put something back into a NHS service that has now assisted me in my welfare and to undo the horrors that war's create, lets try to make a world of peace not war. As mental illness is on the increase, staff levels are on the decrease, so volunteers are needed to help, assist and support the NHS service were you can.

I am calling for the building of a centre of excellence for mental illness to be based in the uk, it will not be solely for the use of military personnel but for use by the general public. I foresee a futuristic building, of glass and steel, a place of beauty with larger than life bronze statues of British heroes"fireman, policeman, nurses, and service personnel".

A think tank for britain with the latest in technology and the best minds in the profession, working together towards a common goal of eradicating mental illness as the number one cause of work related problems and to save british industry million of pounds in lost revenue.

Last updated 07/08/2013

A Honorable Mention.

Smugs would not of been what it was today, if it was not for the support of my family and friends i thank you all and hope that you continue to support me.

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